Homeschooling-Ban Wave Continues to Swell

An article in the New York Post from 23 April 2020 underlines the advancing attack by Big Education on homeschooling. Without providing citations, the Post article noted, "The Washington Post and ­Salon have raised questions about the practice [of homeschooling] lately."

Harvard Magazine (May-June 2020) discloses that Professor Elizabeth Bartholet (Harvard University Law) is calling for a ban on homeschooling.   

Bartholet has published a long article supporting her opinion in the Arizona Law Review in which she does her best to hold up the interests of The State over and against the natural interest of parents.
"The legal claim made in defense of the current homeschooling regime is based on a dangerous idea about parent rightsthat those with enormous physical and other power over infants and children should be subject to virtually no check on that power. That parents should have monopoly control over children’s lives, development, and experience. That parents who are committed to beliefs and values counter to those of the larger society are entitled to bring their children up in isolation, so as to help ensure that they will replicate the parents’ views and lifestyle choices."
(Side note: Homeschooling is a regime? Might as well say religious liberty is a regime, or free speech is a regime.)  

Obviously the interest of an authoritarian State is more benign, in the mind of Bartholet, because State control is exercised by Experts.  Like Bartholet.  

The 80-page PDF of the Arizona Law Review article sets up a giant straw man in the form of a homeschooling movement that is unified, powerful, and flush with money.  I think she wishes homeshoolers were the NRA or something.  In her mind, what unifies homeschoolers into an unstoppable political monolith is a combination of misogyny, child abuse, and religious fundamentalism.  Bartholet's personal belief system is such that this monolith is anti-science.  On page 26 she says, "The (homeschooling) studies are dressed up to look like true social science."  Is social science even science?  Is it science in the sense that in regard to it one can bring to bear the categories of true and false?  

By page 78 of the PDF Bartholet has proposed sweeping government restrictions on homeschooling liberty, in order to rectify rare harms such as actual child abuse in homeschooling families.  But the State must not stop with cleaning up the filth of homeshoolers! Those evil private schools are also beyond State control in many ways!
"Policymakers should impose greater restrictions on private schools for many of the same reasons that they should restrict homeschooling. Moreover,it would be deeply unfair to allow those who can afford private schools to isolate their children from public values in private schools reflecting the parents’ values, while denying this possibility to those unable to afford such schools."
Ouch. Now you're stepping on those Policymakers' toes, Ms. Bartholet.

Anyway, remember that "Policymakers" means The Government, and common sense school control means more Big Government control over all schooling.  Bartholet knows the Policymakers will exempt themselves like they always do.  

The Harvard Magazine article concludes with a quote.  "I think an overwhelming majority of legislators and American people, if they looked at the situation," Bartholet says, "Would conclude that something ought to be done."

Create a crisis.  Agitate that something ought to be done.  Expand government control.  Liberty always loses.  

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