Don't do the twist!

This is so simple it should not need to be said.  But I am such a klutz that I have to keep telling myself over and over.  When I am running: if I want to change direction, or step off a curb, or step from the trail to the pavement, I must plan to move to the right with my right foot, and move to the left with my left foot

If I don't plan ahead and happen to cross over to the right by moving my left foot ahead to the right of my right foot, I am putting a lot more of a twisting motion onto the stationary right foot.  I call that scissoring, and it is what I try to avoid. 

Now that we are into the season of wet pavement, mud, and (for some people) ice and slush, it's too easy to get injured if you don't have the safest habits (i.e., if you're a klutz like me).

So I don't forget, I made up a silly little graphic. 

Maybe I will remember now. 

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