The fall of Firefox

Please imagine that you have just watched a YouTube re-dub of that Downfall scene, in which a Mozilla decision-maker, in the person of Hitler, finds out market share for Firefox is dwindling. Imagine that it was hilarious.

Okay, the reason that Gedanken was necessary is because I am now using Google's Chrome at work, on my home laptop, and on my Samsung Galaxy pad.

I have news for the pundits out there. This decision had nothing to do with Mozilla's hiring and firing decisions.

My browser switch decision was a way of seeking the least suckitude. Re-routing around the source of interference. Specifically, Mozilla Firefox was hogging too many page frames, and not giving them back. I would check the stats on the performance tab of Task Manager, and opening and closing Firefox resulted in a steadily increasing page frame usage, until everything got so sluggish I had to restart.  I hate to restart. I like to have everything Just So. And it takes some time to make everything Just So again after I restart.

Chrome seems to take up too much memory, especially if I have a lot of browser tabs open, but at least it gives me my page frames back. And neither do I care who is hired and fired by Google, as long as my desktop is Just So.

For the record, I also do not care who is hired or fired by Maytag, Black and Decker, PaperMate, or numerous slave-labor establishments that crank out products from the workers' paradise of the People's Republic of China. Don't want to think about it. Products I use (even free downloads!) are largely a function of the pressure of necessity.

If Firefox' share is falling, maybe Mozilla should try to make it suck less. Let me know how that goes.

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