Supreme Court and Baseball

Yer OUT!
 · I was SAFE!!!
He meant to tag you, though, so you're out.
 - - -
 · What?!
Well, the pitcher's intention was to put the ball over the inside corner.
 - - -
 · But I tagged him, ump!
Oh, you're up by three runs anyway, and he's stolen a base in each of his last six games, so let's give it to him!

 - - -

In baseball, we would call that bad officiating.

When the Supreme Court does it, who can anyone appeal to?


Papa Francisco addresses youth, talks rot

Will Pope Francis Disarm His Guards?

"Was it 'un-Christian' of weapons manufacturers in the Allied countries to arm the forces that ended the Axis campaign of genocide?," asks Kurt Hofmann in the article linked above from the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership web site on 24 June 2015.  

That deeply clericalist mentality is disturbing, that would use the papacy to sway prudential judgments that belong uniquely to the laity.  While the pope is doing some remedial study in the Catechism of the Catholic Church (around paragraph 2263 et seq.) he might also look up subsidiarity (paragraph 1883 - 1885), as well as the role of the laity (around paragraph 2442):

It is not the role of the Pastors of the Church to intervene directly in the political structuring and organization of social life. This task is part of the vocation of the lay faithful, acting on their own initiative with their fellow citizens.


Midsummer walk

Elderberries getting ripe

My little buckeye

Sweet Pea blooming on pea vine hill

Huge midsummer sun bow - the black dots are swallows

Had a little midsummer eve walkies and saw some things. 


I should be the White House travel office.

I have an idea for an alternate vacation plan for Michelle and the girls.  How about Arlington National Cemetery: a tour that will focus on recipients of the Medal of Honor (Posthumous).  And / or  Civil War battlefields.  And Lexington and Concord.  And a visit to the Declaration of Independence.

Might do us ALL some good.  Plus it would be loads cheaper.


Throw Objective Truth overboard. The rest is easy.

Rachel Dolezal.
Bruce Jenner.
Emperor Norton.

Shhh.  Don't make the crazy person upset.  Buy the Emperor a drink.


Tanka for June 13, 2015

Nearly midsummer
Bare stalks with round bead-like seeds

All along the path
Under warm scent of laurel
Pinhole pictures of the sun
Base of Mount Wanda trail

Indian Soap going to seed

Acorn Woodpecker work -- but where are the acorns?


Since people [you know: people!] have told me that the metric system is more accurate (?!) than the imperial system, I offer the following more accurate song titles for your edjumication:

Kilometers From Nowhere - Cat Stevens
159 Kilometers from L.A. - Albert Hammond
28.968 Kilometers From Memphis - Stray Cats
I Can See For Kilometers and Kilometers - The Who
Kilometers Away - Jackson Browne
1,609,344 Kilometers Away - Rory Gallagher
64.37 Kilometers from Poplar Bluff - Dolly Parton
Nothing Like 160.6344 Kilometers - James Taylor
1,609,344 Kilometers - Bob Dylan
144.8 Kilometers an Hour (Down a Dead End Street) - Bob Dylan
14.48 Kilometers From Gundagai - Michael Cooney

Because, you know, miles is just not as accurate. There are probably about a brazillian more of 'em. (You can do your own conversion on the other ones.)