Default Response to Complexity: Become Vague

My employer's normal response to any situation is inversely proportional to the complexity of the stimulus. 

If the situation is perfectly simple and everybody involved is already perfectly clear about everything, he will speak at length and in detail.  If the situation is a huge rat's nest of intricate odds and ends, his response is likely to be a bland smile as he hands over some accumulated notes: "Here, deal with this."  -- After the fact, and with no briefing on the history of the whole thing. 




Barack the Barmy will now teach trolls to dance.

ISIL [sic] is not "Islamic".  No religion condones the killing of innocents…

Transcript of Obama’s speech (10 Sept 2014) on Islamic State strategy in Mideast - Middle East - Stars and Stripes

 "I declared Iraq a success.  This will only take a minute.  I'm going golfing." 

I wonder if there is a Las Vegas betting line on which will come first: Global Conflagration or Civil War?


Workplace dialogues

CO-WORKER:  (Comes over to borrow my 24 oz. ball pein hammer)

ME: Here you go.

CO-WORKER:  (sings) If I had a haa-merrrr...

ME: You wouldn't have to come over here and raid my toolbox!

CO-WORKER:  No, it was an old folk song.

ME: It's still an old folk's song.  Nowadays only old folks sing it!



I'm so old . . .

I'm so old I remember when draft dodger Cassius Clay became Muslim to prove he didn't believe in violence.  Right.