Farewell to the Glitterverse

Santa does not actually live and work at the North Pole.  Explorers have actually been there off and on since 1909* and the Jolly Old Elf is nowhere to be seen. 

Santa Claus is actually a trans-dimensional being who exists outside our space-time, in a reality known as the Glitterverse.

The sparkly Mylar particles that swirl in gusts around him every time he apparates / disapparates are evidence of the temporary connections he makes between our world and the Glitterverse.

By August, about 90% of the glitter should be gone from the premises of Casa Crowndot.  By Thanksgiving, another 90% of the remainder... The glitter is never really gone from the house,  even as the spirit of Christmas is never really absent from the generous heart. 

- - -
[* Oh, I know the posh National Geographic worldview is that Peary never got to the pole -- something about the type of evidence he introduced -- but if you read the bloody book there is no doubt.  The Peary deniers have a kind of axe-grinding ring to their criticism.  A widespread European willingness to throw out Peary on technicalities does not negate the reality of the success of his polar expedition. Racism has much to do with it, since Peary gives so much credit to his native Eskimo partners and their dogs.]
- - - 

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