Android Through-the-Looking-Glass Reader App

I got the Kindle reader app for my Samsung Galaxy 4 tablet.  Because I have that with me at work. 

Cons:  Harder to turn the page with your left hand. Battery goes down faster than Kindle Keyboard e-reader. If there's a built-in dictionary I haven't figured out how to use it. Harder to mark passages.  And so on.

Pros:  Well, it's there, so I can pick up that hard slog through Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiment  during lunch and make some progress. 

Or can I???

The Android Kindle reader app has this little thing that tells you how much longer it is going to take to finish the book.  If you open the reader and then pay more attention to your salad than the book, you actually go into negative reading progress.  The more often I chip away at a few pages of 18th century philosophy, the farther away (in time) the app thinks I am from the end.  Over the last few sessions, I've seen my finish estimate go from 4 hours 30 minutes to 6 hours 40 minutes.  I feel like Alice in the Looking Glass world.

As Adam Smith would say, how frequently soever one makes application to endeavor to accomplish that to which all good will and firmness of purpose has set the effort toward the end in mind, never the less does the final attainment of the long sought after goal seem to vanish like morning mist. 

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