Thinking back

For perspective:
When I was born the President of the United States was Dwight David Eisenhower; the Vice President was Richard M. Nixon. 
When I was born the United States flag had 48 stars.
When I was born Fulgencio Batista was president of Cuba.
I watched the Moon Landing LIVE on TV. 
My first “word processor” was a manual Smith Corona typewriter. 
My first computer was an Osborne.
My first “real” job included producing custom reports by hacking COBOL code. On a Burroughs B20 and a keyboard that had the function buttons on the left.
I have made archival copies of computer files on 5-1/4″ floppies, 3-1/2″ floppies, 1/4″ tape drives, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives from 256Kb to 128 Gb, SSDs, and “cloud.”
The “don’t be evil” might have ended when Google bought  Deja News.

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