Big Spill

I tipped over a full glass of water on the kitchen table a while ago. It seemed like a lot of water. I grabbed a few dish towels and dropped one into the middle of the puddle. Water continued to drip over the side of the table. More dish towels. Crisis averted. Detailed wiping begins. 

I could have put the first towel on the edge of the puddle before it dripped off the edge onto the chair below. I could have, but I didn't. 

Mopping up a spill is kind of like having a conversation. There might be ways that promote a more efficient outcome, but it really does not matter what question you start with; if you are true to the questions, you will eventually face all the questions anyway. It might take a while. Boil some water and make yourself a cup of tea. And please try not to spill it.

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