New Look for Arlington

It's a little bit difficult to stay on top of the news these days. It seems that this memorial pile of sculpture at Arlington National Cemetery, erected in 1914 as a sign of peace and North / South brotherhood, has been declared by the Biden regime to be a sign of oppression and racism that must be destroyed. 

Which means that they must be looking for a new sign of peace and North / South brotherhood, right? I have a suggestion. From North to South America, I think we can agree on this: Shakira. A new memorial to the internationally acclaimed entertainer has been installed in her home town of Barranquilla, Colombia. I bet for another 697 million Colombian Pesos, sculptor Yino Márquez would be willing to make a another copy for Washington, DC.

It will be a lasting memorial of peace, brotherhood, dance music, and hips that, unlike politicians, don't lie!