Three And Ones

Sometimes I mix some walking into my run.  There is benefit to spending a certain amount of time on the legs, or covering a certain amount of distance, regardless of the effort level or aerobic zone in which it occurs.  Bones,  tendons, ligaments, muscles -- all strengthen in response to the stress of being used.

Yet at my age ( cough - mid-50s - cough ) I am extremely wary lest injury cause a setback.  The idea of doing like Prefontaine and going all out all the time is a recipe for injury.

So yesterday, for example, I did my 5 mile Sunday "long run" by setting the interval timer on my watch to repeat and alternate between a three minute interval and a one minute interval.  Run three, walk one.  That worked for where I happened to be condition-wise that day.  My overall time ended up being  right where the McMillan Running training pace thing advised me to be.

Another successful training week!

Plus, I get out and see the pretty poppies!

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