Unexpected Feast

Many years ago I took Oldest Son fishing from an ocean pier. 

It was a long drive to get there, but on previous trips there had always been fish.  Lots of hauling up small but edible seafood. 

But this one time, no fish. 

The bait (chicken liver!) kept being stolen by octopuses. 

An little old Italian-looking man watched us throwing the little octopuses back into the water.  "Those are good eating, you know.  'Ink sacks' we used to call them.  My mother would cook them up different ways and sometimes make a gravy out of the ink."

Anyway, he convinced us to take some home. 

Best. Chowder. Ever. 

Which just shows to go ya, as they say. 

Life doesn't always serve up what you think you want. 

Sometimes what you get turns out better.

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