Death and taxes

Federal Income Tax
State Income Tax (California)
State Sales Tax
County Sales Tax
Extra 1/2% "Keep On Spending" Sales Tax
State Disability Insurance Tax
Medicare Tax
Social Security Tax
Federal Gas Tax
State Gas Tax
Excise Tax - Tires, Ammo, Hunting Supplies
Phone Tax - Hearing Impaired & "Obamaphones"
Automobile Registration (Tax)
Smog Certificate (California) (Tax)
Toll Bridge Crossing (Tax)
Already - Health Insurance Premium Increases (Obamacare Tax)

What have I left out?

And then there's the dilution of the currency for the purpose of financing the nation's debt -- an additional 4% plus tax per year that even depletes SAVINGS !

I figure if I keep working I'll start making money some time around August.

*UPDATE*  --  Oh yeah, there's the Property Tax too -- so maybe I'll get to have some personal income around the end  of August.

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