Thoroughly Modern

Everything in my digital life is in a constant state of updating.

Business accounting software new version.  New version uses Microsoft .NET Framework.  Microsoft .NET Framework updates.  Java updates.  Flash player updates. 

Please wait.

This may take a few moments.

Your virus definitions have been updated.

Real Player updates are available - update now? 

It never ends.

It didn't used to be like this.  Why, in my day, computers was called typewriters.  And you got a new (used) typewriter, what, every ten years or so?  Why in my day a major update was going from four part invoices with carbon paper to five part NCR forms. 

But actually, THIS is my day.  Today.  Now.  The update-crazy day.  Maybe not a bad thing either, since it serves to emphasize the essential fluidity of being.  Oh there are fixed points too, don't think I've gone all Heracleitus on you.  But so much is evolving, changing, and undefined in the present age (read: the current economy). 

Soon a majority of our working-age population will be people for whom constant updating  is normal.  Given.  The way things are. 

What does this world view do to the idea of permanency?  Permanent relationships.  Unshakable values.  "Unalienable rights"  Absolute truth. 

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