Oh Canada, You're Doing It Wrong

Today is Columbus Day (Observed) in the United States.

But it is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.  That is because by mid- to late-November the air in Canada freezes into a thick snow-flavored Slurpee® and life comes to a winter halt until, like, June.  In thanksgiving for their few months of non-lethal weather, Canada moved their Thanksgiving holiday a few weeks toward the autumnal equinox – just enough to avoid being buried under, like 80 feet of snow.

That was a smart move.  But the implementation lacks the genius of the American Way.  Canada's Thanksgiving is always on a Monday.  (See where I'm going with this?)  

In the Good Old U. S. of A., we follow the Pilgrim tradition of throwing a feast the Right Way.  Start on Thursday.  Overindulge.  Enjoy the leftovers over an extended weekend.  That's the way to Give Thanks!

In fact, in an Ideal World, there would be a Thursday-start holiday every two months or so.  I could get behind that.  That's a winning platform.

We didn't need a Monday Holiday Act.  It's been 50 years.  Time to fix it!  What we needed was a Thursday Holiday Act.  

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