The Shrinking of Goods

Megan McArdle was talking about The Incredible Shrinking Sugar Bag yesterday, a subject that came under Crowndotic purview (back in November of 2010 at the old posterous site).  Yes, sugar bags are mostly 4 Lbs. now, not 5 Lbs.  Not even 2 Kilograms, mind you -- which would at least be closer, at 4.409 Lbs. 

Which reminded me of another subject we have addressed before (September 2010), which I will now give the McArdle-esque name of The Incredible Shrinking Toilet Paper.  The "square" of TP has been shrinking in both directions. 


On the left, a George W. Bush era toilet paper core.  On the right, the Obama core. 

Not only is the new size cardboard core narrower, it is also larger in diameter, so same outside diameter would have fewer sheets. 

As a further insult,  "squares" of toilet paper are now increasingly rectangular.  The linear distance between the perforations is shrinking.

Lastly (is this one my imagination?  I don't think so) the manufacturers are using a stronger glue -- so the first few sheets and the last few sheets on the roll are often pretty much a loss. 

This is some of the "change" part of the hopenchange promised in 2008.  Price increases, product decreases, everywhere you look.

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