Eschatonic epistemology

Genetic epistemology  has to do with the study of how people come to know.  How do children learn?  How does a body of knowledge come to be "in" the mind? 

What would be the other side of the coin of genetic epistemology?  What if instead of coming out of ignorance into knowledge we dealt with the ultimate destination of knowledge?  Or instead of dealing with the coming-to-be of knowledge of things, we flipped it over to the coming-to-be of the knowledge of  ... persons? 

One may come to knowledge, and know that they have  knowledge; knowing you know is a species of belief, right?  One may come to a certainty that they will come to know; that knowing that you will know is a species of hope, right? 

Faith / belief is something you have, based on what has been experienced before.  Hope is knowledge grounded in -- well in something or someone else -- that has not been experienced (personally) before, but which is held by the power of some report (some other person).

Thoughts for the penseive.  Thinking out loud.   

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