Ants. Ents.


A white featureless and shadowless landscape.  A multitude of dark shapes are moving about across a vast plain. 

I move closer to the shapes.  They are the size of human beings, but shaped rather like the Ents in Lord of the Rings.  They are striding about, stomping on something. 

Sounds reach me.  The hoarse breathing and grunts of the tree creatures, and the sound of their root-feet stomping on something. 

I am among them now.  They take no notice of me, but go on stomping.  They are something like a cut-leaf philodendron and something like a magnolia, with faces at the top of their trunks. 

They continue furiously stomping.  Stomping on bugs.  Ants. 


One of the Ents executes a quick series of stomps, then whirls and almost runs into me. 

I catch his eye as he backpedals.  "Hi, 'scuse me.  What's going on?"

His eyes widen, and he breathes a short rasping laugh.  "Ha!  I don't know about you, but this is ONE rubber tree  that's had it up to here, and I'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANY MORE!"

What makes that little old Ent think he can exterminate all of those ants?  Whoops, there goes another...

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