At the gate of a new year

Janus, the god who sees both directions, is where we get the name "January".  Looking into and out from, or looking backward and forward.  Perhaps the idea of the Janus speaks to the heart's desire to integrate the past and the present/future -- the actual and the potential.


But even the deity Janus could not see through the infinite possibilities of the future.  We come to a fork in the road: which way will we go?

Prudence is a gift of the Holy Spirit that aids us in finding and weighing possibilities of action in the real world.  The Christian believes in free action.  We are becoming who we will become, all the time, every day.  The God that Christians worship is a God that values freedom.  He loves freedom so much he gives us the power to screw up royally.

And He loves us so much he gives us the freedom to change.

I think this is where the tradition of the "New Year's Resolutions" list comes from.  It can be a tool for progress.  Progress in the way we want  to go, not where we feel forced  to go. It is a kind of yearly examination of material conscience.

I used to not make resolutions.  Now I make a list, keep it in a little text file, review it from time to time.  How did I do in 2012?  Some ignored.  Some successfully accomplished.  Remember:  "Any job worth doing is worth doing poorly," as I always say.  Really.  I do.  I get more done that way.  Otherwise I would never start.

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