Tet 1968

On 26 February 1968, the city of Hue in Vietnam was declared secure by allied pro-democracy forces after nearly a month of the communist  “Tet Offensive.”  The communist defeat also came the day before Walter Cronkite blandly declared, “We are mired in stalemate.”

The United States military won the war in Vietnam by prevailing against communist aggression in every campaign. President Nixon in 1973 negotiated an honorable treaty from a position of strength, and handed the peace to the citizens of that Vietnam, with the understanding that the United States would stand with them against communism, including ongoing supply of material aid.  The funding for that material aid was yanked like a rug from under the feet of the people of Vietnam by the Democrats in Congress.  A downward spiral ended with the communist 1975 spring offensive and the fall of Saigon 30 April 1975.
It wasn’t my fault — I wasn’t even voting age yet. 

I blame the Walter Cronkites. 

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