A little sunshine

My escape from my place of employment was only fifteen minutes (that's like leaving early!) later than my "scheduled" departure time (nine and a half hours after my must-be-there-in-the-morning time) today.  Arriving at home, I did not dawdle in my preparation to dress and head out for a run.  So there was not only sunshine on my skin and a strong shadow to share my footsteps for much of the route, there was also a spot in a lingering ray between the hills in which to relax after the workout. 

Sitting in the sun on a low retaining wall, listening to the sound of birds all around, I noticed a fat alligator lizard doing push ups in the sun on the same retaining wall.

Being near a critter who is unconcerned about my presence makes me happy.  So often my view of critters -- birds, deer, lizards, or whatever -- is just butts.  Running away.  It's nice to simply be a creature sharing space in the sun with another creature sometimes. 


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