I see pictures of pounding surf.  Contrast improved, color enhanced, image averaged.No matter how good they look, and even if they were 3-D and animated, there would still be  something missing:  the sound. 

The seashore is a place of constant noise. 

There is the whumff! of the breaker compressing a pocket of air as tons of water drop suddenly onto the beach.  There is the subsequent falling-rain sound of droplets touching down.  There is a sound to the movement of the gravel or sand itself.  Then there is my favorite, the hiss of breath as the wave retreats and air re-enters the interstices of the beach.  Not to mention the sounds of sea birds, the slapping of a halyard against a distant mast, the buffeting of wind in your ears.  Some days there may be the sound of a barking dog or of children playing wildly.  Another day there may be a fog horn.

I see the pictures of the sea.  The sound plays from memories in my head.

And then there is the smell of the salt air and all the aromas involved... 

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