Mormon Island Ruins under Folsom Lake (aerial video)

"Published on Nov 30, 2013 [by Jayzaerial]
This town has been under water for 50 year. It has been partially exposed only twice that I know of. first time about 1977 the second time a couple of years ago. However I didn't have a quadcopter a couple of years to film it. So now it is exposed once again and I was able to get some footage of one particular site. I think it might have been a cattle ranch or dairy farm. You can also see the old palm tree stumps planted in a row to outline some landscaping. Their used to be 2500 people, hotels and saloons but im not sure if any of these rocks are those buildings. Maybe those are still under water. The town was mostly concentrated down further were the river naturally flows. But as you can see, parts of the town stretched toward the banks. quadcopter aerial footage with gorpro 3 black @1080p 30frames. I couldn't believe how calm the lake was for this shoot. Airshotz"

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