I told him not to click those chum boxes...

Had to fix one of the computers at work.  I won't say whose....

Original complaint: customer email with attachment not opening.

Foxit PDF reader was not working at all.

Uninstall and reinstall Foxit.

No go.

Uninstall Foxit, bite the bullet, and – even though I hate Adobe – install Adobe Acrobat PDF reader.

That works.

Email works, attachment opens.

Routine cleanup -- ran Malwarebytes, just because.  Client uses Avast antivirus because, "Well, I always have!"  

Sigh.  He's an old guy.  So am I, but he's an even older guy, so whatever.

Malwarebytes finds like 500 suspicious / malicious files.  Looks like this person gets like all their news and information from chum box click-bait junk sites.  So I quarantine all those files because who has time to sort it all out?

Did I mention this machine is running XP, and has a pirated copy of the student version of Autocad, and a really iffy looking installation of MS Office, and . . . Oh hell, what do I care? The attachment opens now.

Okay bye. And don't click those sidebar- and bottom-dwelling links!

"Well, I always have!..."

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