Map updates?

The digital information providers have done a pretty good job with flat maps.  Zoomable, up-to-date, streets or topography or satellite.  And there's always Wikipedia et al. to find out about odd countries. 

But I miss having a globe.  For one thing, Alaska and Hawaii are a lot bigger on the globe than they usually look squeezed into corners of a U.S. map.  But I'm pretty sure our last globe still shows a huge green Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  What the world needs is a computer peripheral touch-screen hemisphere globe that updates its maps as required, and would be fast-spinnable and stoppable -- "Ooh, I landed in the Indian Ocean."  Double-tap it, and the location would come up on your computer screen, all zoomable, etc.

Some day when I have nothing else to do, I need to find out how many countries have come into existence during my lifetime, and how many are still in existence.  This one, for instance.  And probably a ton of former colonies. 

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