Music Metrics

Since people [you know: people!] have told me that the metric system is more accurate (?!) than the imperial system, I offer the following more accurate song titles for your edjumication:

Kilometers From Nowhere - Cat Stevens
159 Kilometers from L.A. - Albert Hammond
28.968 Kilometers From Memphis - Stray Cats
I Can See For Kilometers and Kilometers - The Who
Kilometers Away - Jackson Browne
1,609,344 Kilometers Away - Rory Gallagher
64.37 Kilometers from Poplar Bluff - Dolly Parton
Nothing Like 160.6344 Kilometers - James Taylor
1,609,344 Kilometers - Bob Dylan
144.8 Kilometers an Hour (Down a Dead End Street) - Bob Dylan
14.48 Kilometers From Gundagai - Michael Cooney

Because, you know, miles is just not as accurate. There are probably about a brazillian more of 'em. (You can do your own conversion on the other ones.)

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