"It's turned out nice again..."

As George Formby used to say.

Yes, it rained most days.  I had a four-day migraine, but it was much better on Christmas day.  I haven't come down with the flu or a debilitating cold (yet).  I didn't have anything on my Christmas wish list, so I can't say I didn't get something I wanted.  I have bite marks in my cheek and tongue, but I did not say anything that got me into trouble at the Family Get-Together Thing. 

Fortunately at casa Crowndot we celebrate all the Twelve Days of Christmas, so it's not like I have to stop enjoying the season --  the tree, the lights, the music, the festive food -- all at once.

That means I still have time to work in some of those things I haven't been able to squeeze into my days off so far, like hibernate.  And have a good cry. 

Christmas Day has come and gone.

As George Formby used to say, "Haha, never touched me!"

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