Hey, I'm back in fashion!

If you wait long enough, things come back around. Have a rack of fat ties, skinny ties?  Paisley shirts?  Bell-bottom jeans?  It's just a matter of time before they are back in the avant garde.

Now it's "short" shorts for men.  [Link is to a yahoo "shine" page, with pics of male models in standard length shorts (and one in what used to be called "hot-pants", and two in... what are those, buckle-free knickerbockers?)  Beware: what is seen cannot be unseen! You have been warned!]

I have gone through about fifteen years of summers of shortening new walking shorts so that the hem would not hit the back of my calf.  Somewhere between mid-thigh and a few inches above the knee seems normal.  Otherwise, why wear shorts? 

For running, of course, my favorites are as short and split-side as I can get away with...

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