Kind of a cross between The Bomb and Titanic. 

See, I'm getting tired of comparisons between the IRS, DOJ, and other scandals in the current executive branch, and the Nixon White House of forty years ago. 

Nixon was not a crook.  In many ways, he was a great American patriot.  To tell you the truth, there are lots of things in Mr. Nixon's presidency about which I am still more concerned than the break-in at the Watergate:  price controls (the consequent meat shortage is still a painful memory), the darkening of Christmas lights due to the "energy crisis", the creation of the EPA, and the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit (to name a few). 

Calling every scandal Something-Gate diminishes the impact of the "something" in question, and only makes it harder to find a scale of historical perspective.  If your only unit of linear measurement is the millimeter, just about everything is going to fall into the category of hecka big.  If your only unit of ethical measurement is the Watergate break-in, your evaluation of every other scandal will be ethically problematic. 

IRS targeting of conservative nonprofits is not "Nixonian".

Abuse of the most intrusive arm of the executive branch goes far beyond Teapot Dome, Watergate, Iran-Contra, Paula Jones, Abu Ghraib, or Freddie Mac.  The IRS selective targeting of political enemies, and the DOJ targeting of troublesome journalists, are of an entirely different order.  This is not an overreaching avarice at work.  This is a grasping for power at the expense of fundamental liberty. 

This administration is not Nixonian.  This administration is OBAMIC.

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