Old dog, new trick...

I liked my computer setup at work.  Then the accounting software company got bought, changed their philosophy, everything got bigger, more expensive... and required more system resources. 

It serves me right for getting really comfy-cozy with my XP Pro system.  A place for everything and everything in its place -- including that little program from the PS2 days that does hydraulic engineering calculations.  Sigh. 

So now the computer systems as well as everything else (see: Obamanomics) is in flux. 

What is my response?  Get a burr under my saddle about needing a laptop computer.  Oy.  So now I have leapt through time and space from XP to Windows 8.  Like I said:  Oy. 

Took a while just to find the control panel. 

Why is it that everything in life is seemingly out of control? 

Oh, don't mind me.  That's just the cognitive dissonance talking. 

I grow old, I grow old . . .

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