Christmas Birthday

This is a verse from a birthday card my mother used to recite on the anniversary of her natal day, Christmas Eve. 

When I was growing up, most of the day was dedicated to Mom's birthday.  After a dinner of (always!) take-out Chinese, decorated incongruously with Japanese paper lanterns and tiny parasols; after the opening of birthday presents; after the birthday cake and ice cream -- only then did the day transform into Christmas Eve. 

We had a cheap vinyl tablecloth that was printed in birthday motif on one side and Christmas motif on the other.  The annual turning of the tablecloth was the Big Deal I remember as a Christmas tradition at our house. 

Mom passed away in June of 2000.

I still feel like I need to give her a phone call to wish her a happy birthday.

Happy birthday, Mom!

 Mother's Bouquet, Jeffrey T. Larson 

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