Life <--> Dreams

I remember St. Thomas Aquinas said that we are not culpable for the sins we commit in our dreams.  I suppose I should take comfort in that. 

Sometimes I make bad decisions in dreams -- like not  punching somebody out.  Or telling them off.  Or slaying, staking and burning them. 

In a dream last night, I was attending some crowded meeting in a small room.  School?  City government?  Sewer district?  Anyway, I was being scolded by a pair of ugly women for daring to move that the minutes be accepted without being read (always a good move at any meeting where you have a say!), and that the meeting then be adjourned immediately. 

One of the uglies even had to take her teeth out so she could scream at me better. 

I was jostling my way to the exit when I woke up.

Non mea culpa, non mea culpa...

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